Criminal Check – Finger print scanner Credit checks

Know who you are hiring - better be safe than sorry !! Criminal checks on Employee's.

Criminal Checks, Fingerprinting Check – ITC Checks. Employee criminal record check. Employee checks, Background checks, employment checks . 

Based in Gauteng or Cape Town  conducting various checks including ITC and Criminal checks.


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An ITC credit check and a criminal background check has become an integral process required by employers on prospective employee’s. Candidates will do anything to get a job. They won’t tell you about criminal record if not asked and checked.


Most candidates have minor records but it’s better to be sure than sorry.


We are a accredited and licensed user of the Ideco AFISwitch digital scanner.


This process takes normally less than 48 hours to get a result. The result will only show a positive or negative. If positive it will take a further 6-10 weeks to obtain the full report of the record from the SAPS.

 The finger print report will be emailed to you after the scan.

We can process ITC Credit checks and qualifications, drivers etc

 *Bulk criminal record checks can be done for companies .


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Cape Town Area  Contact Sanet : 0828779123